Guide on Adding and Removing Yahoo mail signature

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Date(s) - 12/08/2020 - 12/08/2025
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Yahoo mail signature
As required by many apps and documents, Yahoo mail signature also needs to be added, edited or removed accordingly. Yahoo mail signature is a prominent feature for any Yahoo account and is is necessary to know the following information.

Add signature in Yahoo mail

1)for updated web browser

  • A registered Yahoo account user can first login, go to ‘settings menu’ on the top right corner, and afterward click on ‘more settings.’
  • Note that for users of old Yahoo mail versions, they should first click on ‘gear’ and then ‘settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  • On the menu from the left-hand side, select ‘writing mail’ in the opened window.
  • Add the details to the signature box that you want to add signature in Yahoo Mail

2)for older version

  • On the ’Accounts’ tab, choose which account you want your signature to be associated with.
  • In the windows that follow, select ‘signature,’ insert a copied signature or add a fresh one.
  • To make it appear at the bottom of every mail you compose, make sure you have ticked on the ‘append a signature on the emails you send. ‘
  • ‘Save’ the changes made.

3)on mobile app

  • Go to ‘signature’ in the ‘settings’ option of ‘menu’ from the dropdown list.
  • ‘Sent for Yahoo mail from iPhone’ could be deleted and you can insert your signature.
  • In case you face an issue installing the signature created in a service, you might have to install a signature in an online signature generator in the app.

Edit Yahoo mail Signature on the mobile app

  • Go to your profile on the top left of your screen after launching the app.
  • Tap on ‘settings.’
  • In the ‘general’ section, select the ‘signature’ option.
  • You may start to edit signature in Yahoo Mail

For editing it on the web browser, you can go for all the steps that were mentioned before for the older version of the app and click on the text box for the signature to edit it.

To remove signature in Yahoo mail, you need to click on the toggle to enable or disable it. The toggle appears as follows login>settings>more settings>writing email>

It is hence very important for us to know the above provided procedure on Yahoo mail signature because most of us are reliable at using Yahoo mail either on the web browser or on the mobile app. Any mistakes made while doing the process can lead to consequences which can not be undone.


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