Quick Tip “Taking Photos Outside”

Quick Tip “Taking Photos Outside”

It’s a beautiful day and you’re outside wanting to take some pictures of a family member or friend. There is not a cloud in the sky, and you think, “Great!” Well, depending on the time of day it is, that is not always the best situation.

Usually during the day, especially around noon, the sun is up high, and casting shadows very hard shadows on your subjects face.

Here are a few tips that may help:

In sunlight set your ISO to 100, the white balance to auto.

If you choose to shoot manually, you’ll have more control over the image and its quality.

Try to take the photo in the morning or late afternoon rather than high noon and if you can, circle the object to decide on the most attractive angle. Generally, avoid casting your own shadow on the subject. It’s often helpful to show some of the shaded parts of the subject because that shows details better than the brightest parts.

To make the image less contrasty, the expedient solution is to fill it with a little flash. This will probably cause some unwanted shadows. Sometimes you can avoid those shadows by turning the camera upside-down and shooting that way.

These camera settings are really a starting point. A digital image will show much more detail in a print if you are just a little bit underexposed. Keep the f-stop constant and try different exposures by adjusting the speed a little slower or a little faster.

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